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The Aggie Charitable Giving Fund

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A powerful new way to support North Carolina A&T State University and your other favorite charities

Let's achieve more together

The Aggie Charitable Giving Fund is a donor-advised fund, a giving vehicle that manages charitable donations on behalf of individuals, families, and organizations. It allows you, the donor, to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax deduction and recommend the organizations that should receive grants from the fund. It offers you a personalized giving fund-named the way you want-with innovative and flexible ways to make a bigger impact with your charitable dollars while providing special support for North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

Maximum giving power in a simple, tax-smart way

  • Make a $5,000 minimum contribution in cash, stock or other assets* to fund projects at North Carolina A&T, as well as other IRS-qualified charities?at any time now or in the future.
  • Compound your giving through strategic tax planning?benefits include potential tax deductions on contributions to your Aggie Charitable Giving Fund and no capital gains tax on donated appreciated securities.
  • Simplify giving with a ?one-stop shop? approach. Recommend how you want to give; the rest is taken care of for you? including distributing the funds and all of the paperwork. You?ll have a single place to track all your giving.

Dedicated support for North Carolina A&T

  • Contribute all in one place, with 50% earmarked for North Carolina A&T and the rest is available to support other nonprofits.
  • Allocate your giving strategically over time to the causes or projects you support.
  • Donated assets to your Aggie Charitable Giving Fund are invested until distributed and any growth is tax free, offering you even greater giving potential to support North Carolina A&T and all the causes close to your heart.
  • Make your mark through innovative strategies, such as naming and using the fund like a foundation.

A legacy you can pass along

  • Involve family members in your giving now and/or pass the Aggie Charitable Giving Fund along to them later to continue your giving legacy.
  • Use the Aggie Charitable Giving Fund as an easy way to establish a planned giving agreement with North Carolina A&T without the legal expense and complexities.
  • Use the fund as a "charitable savings account" to establish an endowed scholarship.
  • Name North Carolina A&T or other charities as beneficiaries of the non-dedicated portion of the Aggie Charitable Giving Fund to extend your legacy even further.

Call (336) 404-3710 to learn more or visit to open an Aggie Charitable Giving Fund